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A Day Off to Hamilton!

It's a small Texas city west of Waco, and it's about two hours away. We picked it because we had driven through it once before and wanted to go back. So we googled a few things to do on the way, and in the town, and off we went! We both had a day off, and wanted to get out of town away from the city...

First stop was a sculpture garden in Liberty Hill. Did you know it was there?? We did not...We stopped here first since the day was going to be hot, and we spent time on the trail observing all of the rock sculptures and the beautiful trees, and saw picnic tables we want to return to, for more fun next time!

We wanted to drive on to Hamilton, so we bypassed Adamsville, but there's a great junk shop there on the road if you want to make a stop! I bought a wonderful picnic basket there last time we went through!

We arrived in Hamilton about noon and chose to have lunch at Central Perks (Yes, they are FRIENDS fans!). Their sandwiches are delish, and they have patio seating as well. Super cute, in an old house, right on the road coming into Hamilton.

Next, we decided to drive down to the square, and snap a photo of their beautiful courthouse. We also had read about Jordan Pharmacy and their soda fountain. Inside the old pharmacy was the cutest diner in the back corner, with red/white decor! He opted for a vanilla bean malt, and I got a shake. We lingered there a few and enjoyed the cool AC and observed all the cool stuff in this old store. The ice cream isn't Blue Bell, it's Henry's, and I'm serious - it was just as good or better!

After we left the downtown area, we stopped by their farmers market. I loved it! There are plants, melons, fresh produce, and all sorts of goodies inside including nuts and veggies and bread. I loaded up! (Bring a cooler on your trip!)

We always try to find the park in the city, so we drove to Pecan Creek Park (you'll see the signs on the main road) and found a shady spot near a pretty bridge, put up our feet and rested. There were old style playground equipment there too, one slide that went down a hill (built into the hill) and swings on wooden stands.

The last thing we had written down to see was Dutchman's Hidden Valley, about 4 miles the other side of town. It's a LONG general store that makes candy and sells all sorts of things!! We did find some pecan brittle and peach salsa we purchased, and we enjoyed looking at the store, the different rooms, and of course the different flavors of taffy!

It was time to head back, and when we reached Lampasas, TX we were a bit hungry. We had eaten at Storms (famous restaurant) before, so we wanted something different. My husband spotted Brad's Burgers, a drive-thru, with award-winning signs posted on their little brown building. The burger/fries did not disappoint at all! Super tasty and satisfying! We shared a burger and fries, and it was plenty!

If there's not a link to a place above, just google it. They all had a facebook page or were on Yelp, but not all had a website. The drive to Hamilton and back was nice, easy, and pretty. The city is small, set kind of in a hilly area, and is a fun little place to explore on a day off for fun...

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