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A Museum and a Park

We hadn't driven to Lockhart in over a year, so we headed down there, but this time for a few new things we'd not experienced before!

On the square is a clock museum that we decided to visit, and the only fee is a donation. Wow, the clocks in there were amazing. Clocks with intricate detail and history like none we had ever seen, and an older gentleman there enjoyed talking about them!

On the corner, we stopped in a culinary shop to pick up some chips, cheese spread, gourmet olives, etc. for the evening when we returned home.

We planned to eat BBQ at Smitty's but when in line we saw that they only took cash or check, so we opted for an old standyby - Kreuz. It used to be "the place" to eat BBQ in Lockhart, but we were disappointed this time. Next time, we'll take cash and go back to Smitty's. It smelled amazing.

For the next half of our visit, we pulled into Lockhart State Park. It was open now, without a reservation, yay! What a hidden gem it was! With several trails to choose from, we chose a couple that were next to the creek/river and thoroughly enjoyed them so much. (There are easy/moderate/challenging trails.) We drove around and looked at some of the sights, using the map we were given in the office upon entry.

It was a great visit to this little town, and we didn't even finish our list of things to do. Back home, we spread out and enjoyed our goodies we had bought and thought when we'd return, take our kids, and play a round of golf (yes, there's a golf course in the state park, too!)

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