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All Day Long

It was his birthday weekend and I wanted a fun day out - in January - on a chilly day. That can be a challenge! If you're looking for something to fill an entire day, or even part of a day, consider one of these options. It turned out to be super enjoyable!

First was brunch. He LOVES breakfast and I do not, but it wasn't all about me this time! There's this place on Burnet Road called Pacha - and I had read that their brunch menu was great. It was! The pancakes I chose had huge walnuts in them, and were sooooo tasty. He opted for a classic platter, and coffee - of course - which he said was tasty as well. It's an eclectic place and crowded, but worth a visit for sure!

One of his gifts was a new turntable to play old albums. Our previous one had broken, so I found a cool new one by Victrola from Amazon, and it works great! Looks vintage, like the front of an old car. So we stopped by Breakaway Records in Central Austin - it's a nice clean huge record shop where we browsed for a while. He opted for a double album by Fats Domino - so fun!

I had booked us on a tour with Austin Detours at 1pm - where we rode a huge van around downtown with a group to see murals and hear about the art scene. Our guide was fantastic, and the people on the tour were fun (nurses from New York, and a man and his son from London!) We stopped and got out several times for pictures. The art was fascinating, and our guide was the best. We even each got a Spy card to play a game as we searched the art. I highly recommend this tour - it leaves from the Austin Visitors Center downtown and lasts two hours!

After that fun, we headed to the Texas Union underground - the bowling/pool room on the University of Texas campus. It's a GREAT family atmosphere and cheap bowling! Our kids met us there and we played and played (I played terribly). Honestly, this is the place to bowl!

For dinner, we chose Fresa's on South 1st - Mexican food - but it's different. If it's warm enough, the patio is awesome, but we had to eat indoors as it was chilly! Their queso is delish! We stayed there a while and visited.

The final activity was he and I enjoying the Gamebook (a new recent feature in the Austin American Statesman). It's a pull out booklet full of crosswords, puzzles, sudoku, find the difference, and more. It's a great thing to enjoy as you wind down the evening enjoying a coffee or a snack. We opted for the coffee shop in Barnes and Noble. We spotted the differences in the two scenes - one of our faves!

He loved every moment and I loved that he loved it all! It was truly a fun, fun day for all of us!

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