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Belton Bound

We just had about a half day, and it was great weather, so we drove north of Austin...about a 45-50 minute Belton.

We started at a VERY old department store that's so unique, because the upstairs is a museum (so cool to browse) with items left as "they were." The downstairs is where you shop. We found a great Swan Creek candle on clearance and talked to such a kind lady at the register!

There's also an old bookstore - McWha - downtown that's definitely worth checking out, books everywhere and of every kind! It's just cool to see and browse!

There are lots of little stores in the downtown area, but we were now hungry and heard that Fire in the Bowl was good, at Millers Smokehouse, right across the street. We opted to eat on a picnic table outside in the back, and the food was excellent! An array of meats and potato salad to die for, a side of Fritos, and a warmed tortilla - so delish!

Also downtown, behind a restaurant, is a great place for walking along the water. We collected different colored pebbles, people-watched, and enjoyed the sunshine on the huge rocks.

We had read about a park in Belton, so we opted to drive and find it - Yettie Polk - and we took a long walk there. It's such a great path that meanders past an abandoned church, along a beautiful creek, down to a bridge, and it's just cool. We enjoyed it so much.

I forgot to mention that in downtown Belton there is an old theater we will definitely return to, the Beltonian. It's OLD and has so much character, a concession area that serves food as well, and we can't wait to go back!

Belton is a fun getaway...check out the eateries, the downtown, and the'll have fun!

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