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Go to Temple

This was a last minute decision...we just felt like a quick day trip...and we didn't want to go far.

Temple, Texas is just about a 50 minute drive up the road and so we looked for a few things to do and experience. Our first stop was the cutest coffee house called 1914...with charm and lots of spots to sit and sip, or read (something on each table of inspiration!) Jon said the coffee was amazing, and we shared a blueberry muffin. (We drove through a neighborhood that suffered a lot of damage from a recent tornado to get to this gem of a place...)

1914 Coffee House

We wanted to walk before it got too hot, so there is a Santa Fe Trail near the RR Depot that has a small path, and we opted for that spot, and also stopped at a store on the corner. There were other antique/thrift shops we want to explore next time!

We had been told that Old Jody's was the place to eat (but be aware - they only take cash!) We had to get cash before going, and we had to wait for a table. Was it worth it? The fried catfish and Jon's breaded cutlets were super were the rolls. It's a crowded place, but great service and good "diner" food.

Next, we opted to go back to the RR Depot Museum and inside was a photography exhibit called Yosemite People. Then on the second floor were lots of railroad and train memorabilia, which we enjoyed. We were also invited out to two of the train cars to walk through. It's a nice museum area!

We wanted to visit the Czech Museum there, but had no time. And we were told that on second Saturdays there's a market downtown.

That's it. It was a super nice getaway for the day. Go to Temple. And see what you find to explore. And take some cash.

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