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High Tea...Texas Style

I don't even know why I thought of it, except my mind is on overdrive trying to keep us occupied at home with fun...instead of work and chores. Isn't that the goal of us all?

I looked up what makes "high tea" and we were going to stop by the store and purchase things for biscuits and scones and trifles, but then we decided eh - we will figure out high tea with what we have. And it was so fun!

First, let me say that I've been wanting to dress up - like wear a nice dress - for a while now - but no place to go! So we decided we'd sort of dress up, and take the high tea to the backyard and cover the picnic table and make it pretty.

A trifle is just a layered fruit dessert, so what i had on hand was: banana bread, an orange, some whipped cream in a can and a bit of dark chocolate. This ended up tasting SO GOOD. I layered bite sized pieces of the bread with orange slices (peeled and cut the orange) and shaved chocolate over the top - then added a bite of dark chocolate for garnish!

We pulled out a few nice plates and decided on colors of gray, white and pops of green (I used an indoor plant and took it outside!). I have a tablecloth I got a long time ago from Five Below and it was perfect!

For the main food, I had some chicken breasts I had grilled earlier in the week so I chopped them up, added in olives, red onion, pecans and celery - a bit of mayo and Ranch dressing - and Everything but the Bagel seasoning! Done!

I had some wheat bread and removed the crusts, and toasted them. Only had one avocado, so mashed it with lime juice and served more seasoning on the side.

That was the spread...and it was so elegant and tasty.

Oh! The tea! I had some tea bags (berry flavored) and poured tea in a carafe, and we served it over ice - after all, it's hot here, ya'll!

If you're looking for a fun event for you and him, for a few friends, or for even the kids - a high tea is sure to please - pinkies and all! And my dress was only $14.99 from my favorite store - Ross!

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