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Honey and History

We just needed to get out of town for the day, take a road trip, but not go far. So this particular Saturday, we chose a couple of towns northeast of Austin and started out...

Our first stop was in Rogers, Texas at the Walker Honey Farm Store. We stayed there a good while, because it was a cool place.

And we bought lots of honey products, including tastes and flavors we'd never had before. We even bought some awesome soap. There's an active beehive behind glass in the store, fascinating to see. And there's a winery too, should you want some samples. It's just a great place to stop and look around and purchase some new tastes (chocolate peanut butter and honey!).

In the small town on the main street, we stopped at Veranda Bloom Store, quite the home decor shop! And we found a large urn we purchased for our front flower bed. So that was a fun find! There was also a great antique/vintage store there called Vis a Vis, and the furniture prices were so great - we wanted to take home a couple of pieces! (But we didn't...)

After this stop, we were hungry for lunch so we asked and were told that 8 miles away was Green's Sausage House, a good food stop. It was in a long building, and the end of it was a store/bakery. Inside, we ordered and shared a catfish meal with sides (good home cooking - nothing spectacular but tasty) and browsed the store. The best thing there were their large homemade cookies - two for a buck! And they sold all sorts of jarred food items that people were lined up to buy. It was a good stop!

We then drove to Camp Hearne to check out the POW internment camp museum and grounds. We got in on the tour guide's presentation (she had been an English teacher and journalist - she was great) of this camp (among many) from WWII that housed German prisoners, and where a murder took place - all so interesting - and facts we never knew. There's even a walking trail through the acreage where one can see ruins of barracks, fountains the prisoners built, and more. We could have spent hours there...and want to go back in the fall. Apparently, they have a reenactment day, as well.

By the time we left the camp, it was late afternoon, but we were able to drive into Calvert, Texas and visit a few stores in their cute downtown area. Super cute. We want to go back, because a few were closing. We stepped inside The Farmers to Market coffee house and enjoyed a delicious bakery muffin. We shopped a bit in antique stores there, as well, and just really enjoyed the whole main street - and the cute hotel nearby. We want to stay there next time!

All in all, this trip took us about 10 hours or so...and we were back home just before dark. After all that good food and those tasty snacks, we just opted to end the day with Jiffy Pop popcorn and peaches for a late dinner and call it a day.

It doesn't take much to line out a road trip, make a few stops, and end the day with a smile...

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