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JC and DS

It was the holiday season, but this city - just an hour from Austin - is worth visiting any time at all.

We left early enough to stop at Hill Country Cupboard for breakfast...a classic just as you enter the city...old country style meals.

Next, we headed to Main Street for the farmers market, to shop at the cool stores there, and walk the beautiful square.

We rested at our hotel and then had dinner at Proof and Cooper - delicious and a great atmosphere. Sit outside by the fire pits if you can! Or inside where it's cozy...either place.

When we went, there was a big parade, and now that spring is nearing...there's sure to be more celebrations in this small town with big fun.

Also, the Pedernales Electric Company there is a lighted area not to be missed! You'll want to read the history, as well, and step inside the old cabin. Check to see when the lights are on and up!

On the way back the next day we stopped in Dripping Springs for lunch at Homespun Kitchen, a place that folks rave about. I had the green tomato sandwich and it was awesome - as we sat in the heated barn.

The store here are fun as well, but check to make sure they're all open before you go. The coffee shop, the vintage stores, the art, the stroll in the shopping district on Mercer...Dripping Springs is a place we visit over and over again.

A two day weekend - with one overnight stay - this is where to go!

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