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Waco Revisited

We've been to Waco multiple times, and we even visited Magnolia Market years ago. But we were at a family event nearby and decided to stay a few days in Waco before heading home, just a few weeks ago. It was so fun!

We arrived late the first night and we stayed on Clay Street, just a block from Magnolia. It's a street lined with old homes that are now airbnb's and we loved ours - so much character - and a perfect location!

Saturday we decided to go ahead to Magnolia and see what was new. To our surprise, it was like a small city - as it had grown and changed so much! The stores, the coffee house, the bakery - and a little charcuterie store just on the side. We loved it all - it was the perfect place to stroll and grab a snack or drink. The old church is beautiful as well.

Lunch was at George's - recommended by a friend - classic comfort food - burgers - in a rustic atmosphere - fun and good!

We hadn't really kept up with Fixer Upper or the Gaines couple, but we heard they had remodeled a castle in Waco...and a hotel. In the afternoon, we decided to tour the castle - which is going to be a residence later. It was amazing and beautiful and a great tour - but very pricey - just FYI.

We also opted for a walk near one of the bridges in Waco - it was such a pretty but cool afternoon.

The next day we enjoyed a large breakfast at the Indigo Hotel nearby - their restaurant. It was a really pretty setting and delicious food! We had friends coming to visit for the day and evening, so when they arrived...we visited a while in our cute airbnb.

We decided to tour the Dr Pepper Museum, which we had done before, but it had been years. It's always a fun place, and a Dr. Pepper float at the end is the best - especially with friends!

That evening we had plans to eat dinner at Ninfa's Mexican Restaurant and it was festive (it was New Year's Eve) and we had fajitas and loved them! The perfect place.

Our last morning, we decided on brunch at the 1928 Hotel - the one the Gaines remodeled. This was my favorite experience of the weekend. The hotel is grand, it's absolutely warm and gorgeous inside, and the food was amazing. There's a downstairs library with books from McMurtry's collection (we had visited his home town Archer, Texas years ago!), a coffee shop, and places to sit and relax - and take in the surroundings. We could have stayed there for hours. We visited the gift shop before we left and headed home.

If you haven't been to Waco in a while, it's not very far at all, and it's just a warm and inviting town with so much to see and enjoy. So invite some friends...and go!

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