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Just One Night

We were tired from the week, and on a whim we decided to try and find a place to go for just one night...not far from town. Georgetown hit the spot, and San Gabriel Bed n Breakfast was where we landed. This was Thursday...and we were going Friday/Saturday!

I must share about my luggage - the bigger bag (we both have one - his is solid black) is our weekender we've had for years - under $20 (one like it is available on my Amazon page!) and the smaller bag is my road trip toiletry bag from My Maria Victoria Bags. Love them both!

On the way to the charming home right across from Southwestern University, we stopped at Wolf Creek Ranch Shopping Center - just to browse through Kirklands. I found some adorable porch lanterns, so that was a treat!

We asked for early check-in (always ask, sometimes they don't mind at all) which was 2pm. The San Gabriel House is gorgeous with plenty of rooms inside the big house, but we had opted for the room above the Carriage House out back - mostly for social distancing.

Our room was upstairs and so uniquely decorated and fun. A full small living area was at one end, and a cozy bedroom at the other. Off to the left was a 40's style kitchen. Everything we needed was right there! We started off with a nap!

That evening we ate chicken salad that we had prepared and brought, along with pimiento cheese fritters. (There was even a placemat in the kitchen that matched our napkins - how fun!) We enjoyed a show, we read, and we took a walk down the street through the neighborhood - lined with old homes and cool trees and history. We looked at the backyard of the house where we could have sat under a gazebo, or just relaxed.

Saturday morning there was a fine breakfast awaiting us in the dining room. We had asked for it to be delivered to our room (for safety) BUT we were the only guests, so the innkeeper served us with her mask on, and ours on as well, until we the historical dining area of the main house!

And then we walked and toured the big house - it's massive and beautifully decorated. Upstairs we saw the bedrooms available and a big living area, and an outside porch where we sat on the swing a while.

We took another walk down the street, played another game (Outburst), packed up and left. We weren't ready to go home, so we opted for a couple of drives...out to Hutto to see the CO-OP being built (so cool!) and on to New Sweden to view the most photographed church in Texas!

It was a nice escape for 24 hours from all things chaotic into the past of lazy days on porches and sultry summer walks down tree-lined lanes...

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