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Minute to Win It

It was a Friday night, the kids were coming over, and we wanted something different to do, other than watching the tube. I searched on line to find family games and stumbled upon ideas for Minute to Win It games that were easy to put together. And I recently got a cookbook called Beautiful Boards and chose a bagel one for one of our dishes!

The bagel board was easy to put together, with a variety of bagels in size and flavor, jams and spreads and butters, fried bacon, sliced bananas and strawberries and peeled cuties.

Here are the Minute to Win it games we played:

  • Toss the marshmallow (two mugs and marshmallows - toss for a minute, see who gets the most in)

  • Move the crackers (straws, goldfish and two bowls - suck up the fish and move as many to the other bowl)

  • Balloon juggle (keep three balloons in the air without hitting the ground or you're out)

  • Candy heart stack (Stack Valentine's candy hearts as tall as you can without spilling)

  • Roll the potato (roll the potato across the floor with your nose to a certain spot)

  • Puzzle time (Cut both sides of cereal bowl into a puzzle - same pieces - like 8 - let each team put it together)

  • Move the Pretzel (pretzel on forehead, wiggle into mouth without using hands)

  • Make a bracelet (using pipe cleaner, pick up fruit loops on the pipe with one hand, to make a bracelet)

The object is to score points for each person (or team) that wins each activity. You could have prizes, if you want! Be careful, as one of us slipped on a rug and fell! Thankfully it was more funny than hurtful!

It was a fun family gathering. I had all of the items, or I got them at the Dollar Tree. Easy, affordable, and lots of laughter!

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