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Muenster, Decatur & St Jo

We had two days to get away for our anniversary, and we picked three small cities for the fun.

We left early in the morning and stopped in Denton, Texas for lunch. Found a great spot where I tried a new sandwich that wasn't even on their menu, yet. Who knew blackberry jam on turkey would taste so good?

We arrived at the first town Muenster, a German town in north Texas, where we checked in at the Schillinghaus Inn- a place we highly recommend! It's a two story bnb and everything is detailed and bright and our room was perfect. A fireplace was going, and the kitchen was so cute!

Muenster has a cute downtown, so we walked it, stopped in the shops and of course visited Fischer Market to get our meal for the night. That evening, we enjoyed some salami and cheeses and other goodies from that market, while watching TV by the fire...

The next morning we stopped at the German bakery in town and honestly were underwhelmed at the donuts...but I think we should have tried the kolaches.

We drove to Decatur and loved walking the square there, as well. Walking small town squares is the best! Murals are painted throughout the town, there's a petrified wood gas station and cafe outside of town, and we discovered an old castle! Jon got a coffee at Trinity Coffee, where we also had lunch. There's even a walking tour you can follow if you so choose, just get the info at the visitor's center. The shops and the town were cute!

We had time to drive to St Jo before heading back to Muenster for the night. What a fun surprise that town was. The Artillery Museum is a must-see, as well as the museum on the corner (gosh, I can't remember what it was called but it looks like a saloon.) The 85 year old docent there was smart, informative and the best guide ever. Lots to see and unique things too, like a foldup bathtub! We asked about the name St Jo and yes, the guy had an e in his name, but it was dropped, and no one knows why...

Back to Muenster for dinner at Rohmer's - the best meal we had all weekend - Jon had a German feast and I had the salad bar - and dessert was the best German chocolate cake ever!

Small Texas towns always have something so fun to discover...any weekend you need a little something different to do!

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