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Museum and a Burger

We recently had just a late afternoon and evening, so we decided to head to a couple of small towns super close by...

In Taylor, Texas we read about the Moody House Museum, we had never been there, and we decided to go. Dan Moody was a governor of Texas and the first prosecutor to put the Ku Klux Klan in jail. Inside the museum, our docent took us on a ground floor tour - telling us all about Moody and his family and his life. The top floor we toured on our own. One of the coolest things about this museum is that the furnishings in the house are original to the home. That's often not the case in home tours, so we rather enjoyed imagining the real people at the real tables and sitting in the real chairs!

There's no charge for the museum, only a little donation box. And the docent was full of super information, as she is an avid reader and historian.

Next, we met up with friends down the road in Weir, Texas - a small community with barely anything to see or experience except the Weir Country Store. It's "claim to fame" is the burger they cook up - so yes - I ordered it! First of all, the 50's decor diner is inside the store of a gas station. However, it was super cute and amazingly clean. There are turquoise tables and wooden booths to choose from, for your dining experience.

The burger was the old-fashioned kind with all the grilled bun flavor, the thinner cut of meat, piled with veggies, just my style and i loved it - as well as the fries! (They serve lots of other items, as well!)

The drive to both towns was nice this time of year, as well - windows down - and smiles on our faces.

You should go!

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