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New Ulm

Oh my gosh, the entire fall I let go by without updating this area of the magazine, and I promise to be better about it in 2022!

We had two days for this trip, and it was to celebrate my husband's birthday. We didn't want to drive more than two hours away, and we found a super cute airbnb in New Ulm, Texas! Next, we looked at a map for an alternate route (not the main highways) through a few other small towns for stops on the way. And we asked the airbnb Dos Arbolitos if we could check in a bit early and stay a bit late - she was so nice to say yes!

We drove through Bastrop State Park on the way, just for fun. My husband likes to "see things" not just pavement. First town stop was Winchester, a tiny town with a cute old depot with old hobby horses on the deck. We want to go back when that's open! (Oh, we visit the link for Texas Escapes to print out the towns' history stories - because they're so fun to read!) On to Lake Fayette Thicket Park - where folks are not allowed to drive through on the weekends - what? We didn't have time to stay, anyway.

We did get out in Fayetteville and took a picture of the tiniest courthouse with a clock - so cute! It was early, so only a few things were open, but we had come there to eat at Orsak's Cafe. And we did stop in one antique shop.

At Orsak's, he ordered the roast beef special with a salad, and I ordered a chef salad - both of our salads were strewn with pickle slices (that was different!). But our food was delicious. The ham on my salad wasn't thinly sliced deli ham. It was chunks of roasted country ham! So good...

The last stop before New Ulm was in Frelsburg at the Heinsohn's Country Store we'd read about on line as being the oldest general store in Texas. It was a very interesting store with things to buy that we'd NEVER buy but some people do, apparently. From turtle traps, to all sorts of cooking equipment to meat machines, to even a counter of foreign country spiral recipes and MORE, this place was worth a walk-through!

We wanted to get to our place around noon, so we did all of the above in the morning - as we left at 7am! We were serious about enjoying the WHOLE weekend!

We drove up to Dos Arbolitos' gate and I was so pleased that she still had Christmas decor up - what a fun surprise. The wreaths were beautiful at the gate and on the house where we stayed. It was tucked away at the back of the property after driving through a mossy oak tree lane - that was so beautiful. The house is so cute inside, has a full kitchen, spectacular windows, a charming front porch, all the amenities, and a second story for another view and experience altogether! We loved every square inch.

We brought with us games, crafts, a couple of meals to prepare, and were excited that the TV had Netflix and other options, but first...we walked the trail around the back of the property. This was one of our favorite things. The owners have some retired show horses that seem to be delighted when people take walks, there are a couple of ponds, a bridge, an unusual and cute swing, and a fire pit. My husband called this place so "serene and peaceful" multiple times. I thought it was breathtakingly beautiful.

We then went back to the house to read and relax and play a new game I'd bought called 60-Second City - quite challenging and fun. We brought trivia cards too, and we just relaxed - and I looked out all of the windows.

For dinner, I was so excited to prepare it in the kitchen - another favorite when traveling. I used a baking sheet there to place all the items for a "fajita bar" with all the things we'd brought, arranging them and placing them in new ways. (Used a tall glass for the refried beans!). I also used some cute utensils and cloth napkins a sweet friend had mailed me just that week! We ate and watched Tick Tick Boom - a great movie on Netflix!

The bedroom, the bathroom, and everything was outfitted and so comfortable and charming - the bathroom looked like something from the 50's- loved it. Slept great.

Sunday morning I awakened earlier than my husband (always the case), so I sat by the big windows and read until the sun rose. I had prepared to make waffles, strawberries and bacon but realized i forgot the egg for the waffle mix, and the syrup!!! The airbnb had lots of breakfast goodies from danish to oatmeal to a fridge with other items as well...including yogurt and a strawberry sauce. The yogurt substituted for the egg in the mix (it was fine!) and I mixed a bit of sauce and sugar over the fresh strawberries and we didn't miss the syrup! How about that? And we at it on the front porch in the awesome retro red metal chairs.

We then decided to go to the fire pit and sit there for a while by the water. I think we stayed there an hour and walked back to the house by the huge barn on the property. It's an event barn and gorgeous inside! Of course, we walked by the beautiful old horses as they nodded in their own way. (We want to come back in the spring and summer with veggies and fruit are available for the picking for dinner!)

We wanted to enjoy the house some more, so we took a puzzle upstairs to the room with a couple of twins and table, and we hung out there until time to clean up and go. Over 24 hours of heaven away from town, in the middle of the most beautiful piece of property for a magical birthday time.

On the way back, we drove around in the city of New Ulm to see the old homes, and then stopped in LaGrange TX for a burger at Beerz Burgers (best burger in Fayette County they say). It's a dive, people still smoke in there, but the burger WAS good!

We want to go back, because the airbnb host told us of other treasured historical sites near there we can visit next time.

Awesome weekend! Book the place if you can and add "peace" to your new year as you step away and relax and enjoy...

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