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One Fall Afternoon...

Garey Park is a beautiful gem not far from Austin, in Georgetown, and a wonderful place to spend an afternoon as a couple, or with your family...and it has recently become a favorite.

It'll cost you $8 to get in, and when we arrived we had brought a picnic lunch, so that was first on our list. Down by the pond is a huge house with a large patio, green grass, a gazebo, and views that are spectacular - all for choosing a picnic spot! (You'll want to read the history of the park).

We spread out our blanket and ate pasta salad, and watched a dad fish with his kids from the gazebo - they caught fish repeatedly and said they do all the time! It's a catch n release experience, but those kids were having a blast!

Next, we loaded up and drove just down the path to the restrooms (very nice and clean) and headed out for a walk around the meadow and down to the creek. You'll want water shoes for wading. The rocks, the clear water, the benches to sit and gaze, all make for a fun time! We loved it - especially because the breezes were cool!

Another option we didn't do this time, because we didn't have kiddos, is a splash pad/playground area. It's back near the entrance, and a great big place for families and kids to enjoy.

After all of that, we went back down to the house and chose a different location to set up and read for a while.

Seriously, you can't pick a bad spot, and the entire property is like a little oasis outside of town for a lazy fall afternoon!

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