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Painted Church Tour

We had driven the Painted Church Tour years ago and remembered how awesome it was, so we invited some friends to come along. It's a GREAT day trip from Austin. There are lots of painted churches in Texas, but we chose the route from The Daytripper, the five found in Fayette County.

We drove to Elgin and fueled up first with BBQ from Southside Market and their peach cobbler topped with ice cream. So delish!

First stop was Serbin, Texas at the St Paul Lutheran Church. From the outside, it looks as

plain as paper. Inside is a different story.

Second church was St John the Baptist Catholic Church in Ammansville. I especially loved seeing the hat hooks on the right side of the building where the men were the ladies were on the left.

Third church was in Schulenburg, St Mary's. The doors, the decor, the stained glass, all was breathtaking beautiful to see. The history in each church was often texted on brochures as you walked in, and we loved reading about how they got started, and what type of people they were (Germans, Slavics).

Fourth church was St Cyril and Methodious in Dubina, Texas. I had never heard of those saints, but apparently they were from Bulgaria! The painted ceilings and columns, and lanterns and chandeliers - oh my!

Fifth church was St Mary's in Flatonia. Painstaking beauty is inside the doors of these old old churches, and so unlike our modern buildings today. The tour was historical as well as amazing.

As we ended our church tour, we drove back through Smithville, Texas to show our friends the house from the movie Hope Floats, and then on to Bastrop where we strolled downtown and enjoyed the best catfish at Paw Paw's on Main Street.

If you go, be sure to map the churches and take your time in between as you observe the landscape and small towns through which you drive. Spring would be a great time to grass is getting green and wildflowers are starting to bloom!

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