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Simple and Safe

It's 2020, we had just under a dozen that wanted to gather and celebrate Thanksgiving, so we set up in the foyer of our church...three 6 foot tables spread apart, two couples across from each other at each table. Craziness, right?

We wanted all to be safe, we wanted it to be simple and pretty and enjoyable for all.

For the decor, the tablecloths were from Hobby Lobby - they have them for 6 foot tables - round! And, the fall decor was all on sale, so I spotted a set of four plaid napkins that I could use as a centerpiece base. Then I just took my own decor from home for setting in the middle - always keeping in mind that the height needs to be low enough to see each other across the table!

Also at Hobby Lobby, they had a set of paper placements (about 30 to a package) - you just tear them off! They coordinated with the cloth napkins in the center. Small orange votives were on sale, and I had tea light holders - which worked great to add a bit of ambience to the tables!

Finally, we printed out trivia and quotes about Thanksgiving, for us to read and share while eating (message me if you'd like a copy!)

For the meal - still keeping it safe - we ordered lunch boxes from Jason's Deli! Individual sandwich boxes (included chips and a cookie) were perfect, and we had a big cooler of waters for all.

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