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What a Fun Day!

A friend told us about a few small towns we hadn't been to, and her description made us want to go! Industry, Sealy, and Frydek - ever heard of them? The driving was only a couple of hours down the road, so we were able to enjoy a full day of pickles...and history!

Industry was the first town she mentioned, and the Lindeman Store on the corner in that small town was our first stop. It's not a store where we bought anything at all, but rather walked the aisles of time gone by...and friendliness so plentiful! At one end was a meat counter and tables for sitting, should you order from the deli at the other end. There was an amazing array of the cutest rainboots for kids, and then chaps and spurs, if you needed those! This store was just fun to walk through.

Lunch was in New Ulm (pronounced Ul-em, we were told) at the Texas Star Cafe. He ordered chicken fried steak, and i had the ham chef salad. It too (like on our last road trip) had homemade sliced pickles (big ones!) on it, with the best chunks of grilled ham, ever! Remember...add big thick sliced pickles to your next chef salad (with honey mustard, of course!)

Our next stop was Sealy, Texas, where the historic downtown area caught our eye. I stopped in three stores there. The first was vintage/new combined and stocked full, run by an older couple that were the friendliest, and I learned she was Glen Campbell's niece! Next to that was a shady-looking 99 cent store, with dust covered items on every aisle, and items that looked like they were maybe there since the 50's! Finally, the last store Patches was really cute, and had some amazing candles set into wood blocks that I bought, as the lady there also talked and genuinely welcomed me in. Small Town Texas folk are the best!

We arrived in San Felipe for the historical site, which was the main attraction we had come for. It's been there for four years, but the old town setting was only a few months old! San Felipe de Austin is worth learning about, including the refreshing of your memory about the Runaway Scrape. The museum is really fantastic, with interactive displays and videos. If you catch the weekend where they do reenactments, go then! People in period attire roamed about as if they actually lived in the village created just outside the main building. A young man played the fiddle, and two women were baking bread pudding on the fire. I wanted a bite, but they didn't offer. And every so often, the men lined up to fire their guns and shoot the cannon. Besides all that, there was a gravel path to walk with info on the original land settlement plan. And across the street was another part of the historical park not to miss. We enjoyed the entire setting!

We had one more town to hit, Frydek, Texas to check out Double E Grocery and Restaurant, because we were told we had to try their burgers. It was a really cute setting with a huge deck, and just warm enough to sit outside. We ordered fried pickles (more pickles!) and the slider basket. Live entertainment was setting up, as well.

Just a day trip...left at 8:00 am and we were hope 12 hours later, stomachs full, smiles on our faces, windblown hair, and more history under our belts. It was a super fun day...

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