Fall is near, football is happening, kids are playing games (even just in the parks), and stadiums are filling up.  So…why not incorporate this season into your date night time together?  We are hoping to attend a high school game in the new stadium near our home, even though we know no one on the team – it’s the high school stadium where our kids went years ago!  Games are great for fun food, people watching, cheering and clapping, and holding hands and laughing…so go!

High school football – Find one that interests you.  One time we went to a six-man game in a small town, so do that if you want!  Sometimes, the best foods are at the games!  Plan a Friday night game together or even invite another couple, and go.

Little kids on the field – If you have littles in your life find out the schedules for their games and try to attend one game, or two.  Often, these games are on Saturday mornings, so make it a breakfast date and then show up to cheer them on.  Afterwards, take a walk at the park where they played.

A sport you’d never watch – Is there an event you’ve never attended or watched?  We once went to a Roller Derby event and loved it. Sat by a guy that told us all about the rules.  Or stay at home for date night and watch a sporting event, with all the fun food, together.  You pick one game, he picks the next.  Of course there’s football, but pick something new! 

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Cricket in the park – We often take walks in the park and see teams playing cricket.  That’s not a sport we are familiar with but we enjoy watching.  There are even some Bollywood films about cricket, worth watching.  Or maybe there’s another sport going on in your park – soccer, for example.  Pack a picnic and sit on the sidelines and learn, and chat about the game.

A splurge at a stadium – We have Austin FC in our town, the Texas Longhorns, and more.  Tickets aren’t cheap, but going to one of the games is so fun once in a while, so save up and go!  Get into the fan noise, the snacks you can buy at the stands, and yell until you can’t talk.  Dress up in team colors, if you enjoy that sort of thing.  Make it a date night to remember…

What games are your favorites to watch?  Have you thought of calling it a date night, by dressing up, snuggling close, enjoying good food and chatting about the plays, the scores, the miscalls, and those around you?  We have attended ultimate Frisbee games the past two summers and loved it…it was a regular date night.  Who knew we’d enjoy such a thing?

Go to the Games
by Marcy Lytle