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A Day in Bastrop

It's just down the road not too far, and you've probably been there for some event or fun, but this time we went with no particular agenda except to relax....

We started the late morning in Fishermen's Park because they have these huge swings by the river. We just sat there and watched a few people fish, swim and kayak or pedal down the water. We did nothing, just sat in this lovely park that's so peaceful and nice. It's one of my favorite escapes...

We had packed a picnic lunch, so we moved to our lawn chairs and set up our food fare of cuke sandwiches, pita and hummus under a big shade tree. It was awesome, even in the beginning of August...

After packing up our things, we took a walk along the trail by the river. It's not long and it leads down to a long flight of stairs up to the city. This same trail is usually lit at Christmas and a fun walk then, as well! So we exited the trail and walked up to the downtown part of Bastrop.

Being it was Sunday, not much was open but we hadn't come to shop...just to stroll. We walked down the entire length of the downtown and around the corner to see two very old churches, observe an odd statue and then circle back down to the park.

We decided to just drive around a bit and discovered Lake Bastrop has two shores - a north and a south - one for RVers and one for cabins to rent. There is mini golf and rentals on the cabin case you're interested! We just enjoyed the drive to this LCRA camp...but I don't think I'd want to stay there. We were going to drive to Bastrop State Park but no one is allowed without a reservation right now...

Our last stop was the Roadhouse just outside the state park entrance, where we just ordered a shake and a root beer float to we headed back home.

Looking for an escape for a few hours? Bastrop - especially Fishermen's Park - is the place to go.

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