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Burger and Braunfels

We had a funeral to attend in Lockhart, Texas that morning and wanted something fun and light to do the rest of the day. So Martindale, Texas for a burger and New Braunfels for fun was a great solution!

Martindale, Texas doesn't have much, but the Hwy 80 Feed Barn has one of the best burger and fries combo you'll EVER eat. Seriously, it was SO GOOD. And a coffee shop is about to across the street. It's not a far drive from Austin, so think about a date there soon! You can then drive around the town and see a few interesting things...

New Braunfels, Texas is mostly known for Schlitterbahn and a town to pass through on the way to San Antonio. However, we decided to look around at their newly revitalized downtown area, visit a museum, and enjoy something different...

The Sophienburg Museum was an interesting stop ($8 entry fee) and a cool piece of history about that area of Texas we had not heard before.

From there we went downtown and were quite surprised at the eateries and shops and cuteness! There was a little town gazebo, the oldest hardware store in Texas, an ice cream shop, clothing stores, a pickle place (best pickles ever!) and an old German bakery. Fickle Pickle is such a cute shop, and the pastries available at the Naeglin's Bakery were amazing.

We also found out that New Braunfels has a drive in theater Stars and Stripes! We want to go back for that!

Both Martindale and New Braunfels were super enjoyable, and if you want - you can always stop in San Marcos, too. We just didn't have the time. There's more to do there than the outlets!

Can't wait to open our jar of pickles and taste some more...from the Fickle Pickle Store...

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