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By the Creek

This outing was by far the most fun, relaxing and pleasant day yet...during this time where businesses are barely starting to open, and there's not much to do! Salado is just north of Austin, not a far drive, and we usually only go there for Christmas - because it's decorated so pretty - and the shops are amazing at that time of year.

However, there's a beautiful creek flowing through the town with places of shade to set up a picnic, so we headed there this past Sunday around noon. We found a perfect shade tree not far from the water, and although there were others there - everyone was scattered. It was about 88 degrees but there was a nice breeze blowing, and it was perfect!

Our lunch was first - and it was a BOK sandwich - bacon, olive mix, and kale - SO GOOD - on sprouted wheat bread - that we had packed and brought with us.

Doesn't food taste better when eaten outside?

We also brought something to read, and we sat for a long while just relaxing and watching

others with their kids, or not, playing in the water. It's shallow enough to walk for a bit, or put in your feet, and there's even a pooled area for the kiddos.

We did get up later and walked over to the food court right beside us where three trailers were open, as well as a big brewery serving to-go drinks (and they had a bathroom!) We opted for lemonade and root beer, then walked down to the water. I

t's a spring fed creek, so the water is quite cold - perfect for our feet!

After a bit more relaxing, we left and went in two stores that were open - my favorite being the antique store at the end of the town, and Jon's favorite being the place where he buys coffee beans. Both were open, we wore our masks, and kept a safe distance. It was our first time out to shop through a small store since all of the virus panic began. It was quite nice.

At the end of town (north end) we discovered the Salado Sculpture Garden and walked through. We definitely want to return and picnic there! It was shaded, the sculptures were interesting, and the park was lovely....

Our final stop was Shakes Custard in Georgetown for a snickers concrete and a malt. We parked across the street and ate in the car, talking about how nice the day had been...and when we can do it all over again...

Go visit Salado just for the creek and the garden...and stop in a store or two. The roads are all under construction anyway, so shopping wouldn't be that fun down the main street.

But the creek and garden are most excellent! Especially the creek...

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