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It's a small city about an hour or so east of Austin, just off Hwy 290...before you get to Brenham. And there is a farmhouse airbandb there that's a great escape away from the city, for a couple or a family! On the property is an old farmhouse, a cottage, and an airstream. We opted for the farmhouse but you could totally rent all three for a larger group!

The farmhouse was full of antiques (which are for sale!) and charm, and it was clean, and SO FUN. Inside is a full living room (with TV and Netflix available), a super cute kitchen with everything you need for meals, a great bedroom and a porch room. There's a front porch swing, a side patio, a tree swing and a huge field beside...

We took food and cooked every meal there. Somehow cooking away from home is more inviting and fun. Sometimes we ate on the table in the living room while watching a show. We often had breakfast on the patio. We played a game on the swing. We sat each evening on the front porch and prayed. And when the kids came to visit, we flew kites in the field.

I forgot to mention Donkey, the little horse behind the fence. You can feed him pears off of the tree by the barn!

The house is about 2 miles outside of Carmine, where we went twice to browse junk/antique stores. And there is a restaurant there, should you decide to eat out or get food.

We also enjoyed walking down the street by a field of hay bales - it was a great walk with barely any cars passing by - and spoke peace and stillness to our souls!

I can't say enough about getting away for a few nights from the news and the reminders of the chaos right now.

This little farmhouse sleeps five or six, and the cottage sleeps two, and i'm thinking the airstream does too. There's plenty to do and see and enjoy and breathe in, without ever leaving the premises.

The hosts were attentive to every text we sent with questions, we enjoyed the clawfoot tub, loved the unique kitchen features, the bed was comfy, and the porch room was great for napping and reading. We had the kids out for one day, and were there by ourselves the other three days. We loved it all and want to go back...

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