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Less than an Hour Away...

Have you spent an afternoon/evening in Lockhart? It's a great place to go, for a date, for the upcoming holiday season, or just for fun!

We just headed there last Friday to shop, eat, and see a play!

The square in Lockhart is full of little shops and eateries. We wandered into a few stores and bought a few Christmas gifts. The toy store on the square is cool, as well as one of the stores that sells unique coffee items, and another that's vintage/new with all sorts of unique wares! You'll want to have time to walk the square, for sure, because the courthouse - well it's fantastic and beautiful!

Of course, you can opt for BBQ there, as they are quite famous for that type of food.

But we had eaten that before, so we headed to Henry's for dinner. It's in an old building, and the service was great.

I must say the food was just okay, nothing to rave over, but it was good. I had nachos and he had pork chops - very reasonably priced! We picked that restaurant because it was within walking distance of where we were going for the night...

The Gaslight Theater! The show was The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime. We were really amazed at the quality of the production in this little old theater (my favorite venues!) The backdrops were really unique, and the price of the plays was only $12 which is great! And we were able to walk to dinner, and then back.

In fact, we walked everywhere, another fave!

The theater director announced that for Christmas, they are offering The Gift of the Magi as their production, and we for sure want to go! Lockhart has lots more to offer, as well as museums and parks, and since it's just down the road...why not visit and have some holiday fun?

Here's a photo of us outside the candy store on the square.

In the display window is a huge ferris wheel

made from K'nex, and inside we found some cool board games for the kids, as well as an ice cream counter in the back!

You'll want to shop at most stores before 5:30pm, but the candy/game store is open later.

My mom, when she was a young girl, walked to the square in Lockhart, watched people, and told me about it often. It's the opening scene in my book about her, Rosalee, the PW. You can purchase it in the book store on this site. :)

Thanks for reading!

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