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Marble Falls

We just wanted to get away for the afternoon to picnic, walk, read, and enjoy the outdoors while the weather is still warm enough to do so, and while it's still called fall here in Central Texas. Leaves are turning (Texas-style) and we knew the drive out 1431 would be pretty...and it was!

We set up in Johnson Park in Marble Falls, right by the water. We had put together a picnic plate - tuna/pickles in the center, Fritos (a must with tuna!), celery sticks, veggie chips, whole pecans, and cheddar cheese slices. We also took homemade bread and dark chocolate pistachios for snacking!

After eating and observing the wildlife across the stream, we decide to walk the trail at the park and see where it led. It was a nice granite trail and it went all the way to another part of the park down the road.

Leaves were falling, many trees caught our eye because of their vibrant color, and the park is so clean and well kept - we loved it. There was even a cool old iron bridge (I love bridges!)

As we came back to where we started (I think we walked about 2-3 miles), we walked across the other side of the park. There was a place for boat rentals, an amphitheater, people fishing and kayaking (of course, the rentals were closed for the season). We loved our afternoon at this park (nice clean restrooms, too!)

As we left, we drove to the historic shopping area of Marble Falls and Jon stopped for a latte before we headed home. There were shops and eateries, but we hadn't come for that. We came to rest and relax, and that we did.

The drive itself was pretty, and you can get to Marble Falls a few different ways. We chose 1431 going and 281 through Burnet then 29, coming back. You could totally stop and do other things along the way, but we only had an afternoon...and delightful it was.

If you can, go quickly - before all the leaves are gone. Right now, they're falling like snow and so beautiful.

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