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Three Little Towns

We recently saw that three towns near us were having their market days. You can search for Central Texas festivals online and find an entire list of small town events, and that’s where we saw these. We were so happy to see that they were opening up again! So we picked three – Georgetown, Bertram, and Marble Falls.

Georgetown’s market days on the square are full of vendors and booths, and it was definitely the largest of the three. Besides the vendors, the square itself has fun eateries and shops, so we spent a bit of time there and enjoyed lunch on the sidewalk at Roots! Their pizza was delish! Back to the booths, where we loaded up our shopping bag with some good eats – especially love to buy homemade pasta from these people!

Bertram is a small town with The Globe Theater (I hear it’s opening soon) and they too had their market days. The best booth there was the homemade lemonade stand where they had an amazing three-machine process that produced the best lemonade ever! (And Kettle Corn!)

Marble Falls was our last stop, and their festival/market was in Johnson Park – a pretty place to stroll and sit by the water. There was also a carnival at the park, and not that many booths, so we did find a bench to sit and people watch. And then, we headed to their shopping/eatery area and enjoyed a few shops there, as well! The people were friendly!

Small towns like market days, and many have them once a month. And we love the drive from Austin out to Marble Falls and back, so pretty and pleasant.

There are usually shade trees and funky stores and more along the way on a day’s trip outside of town…

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