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Three Small Towns

We've been trying to make the weekends different than the weekdays, which can be hard in a pandemic! However, getting out of town has been so fun...

This particular Saturday we decided to travel to Wimberley, then Blanco, and finally Dripping Springs. We packed waters, our lawn chairs, and a book bag full of things to do while relaxing.

First stop was Wimberley, where we set up

by the river on this rock ledge area. The trees reflected in the water and it was a perfect spot for reading. We opted to read a chapter in Fearless, a book by Max Lucado. The weather was actually chilly, so i was glad I had my travel blanket with me!

We then walked down to the square and had lunch on the patio at the Wimberley Cafe, as their patio tables were spaced apart and there was one for two on the outside edge. He opted for waffles, and I for a turkey BLT with tortilla soup (great flavor!).

We drove to Blanco from there, and the wildflowers and lush green foliage were spectacular! In this little town, we were going to visit the state park there, but you have to have a reservation right now! And the park was full, so....

We decided to walk the town square, where a couple of stores were open. We enjoyed browsing every aisle (and the basement below) of an antique store. This blue piece was only $65!

And we saw a small city park on the square too, so we walked the small trail there. It was so cozy and pretty, and had this huge stately tree that had a historical plaque in front. It was lovely!

By now, it was time to drive on to Dripping Springs, as we were meeting up with another couple to eat at Treaty Oak Distillery - their restaurant Alice's. We had never been there before, and we called ahead about seating, etc. They have picnic tables sprawled out under huge trees and even let us sit in our own chairs for extra distancing.

The food was so good - it's BBQ with sides - and the queso with brisket - yum! We sat there until the sun started to set, and it was the best. You have to visit this place!

We both said on our way back to Austin that the day was so fun, and we'd do it again for sure.

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